Order Processing

  • OEM website created per customer specification (Free)
  • Electronic Interchange (EDI,XML,CSV+++) for orders and or reporting

Depot Repair

  • In and out of Warranty
  • Fast turn
  • Advanced exchange option
  • Failure data captured and reported
  • Lean 6 Simga constant improvement suggestions

New Customer Loaner Program

Manage entire process:

  • Configurations
  • Shipments
  • Return Tracking
  • Refurbishment
  • Inventory Management


  • Save time and expense by using AMCOR
  • No need to disrupt production schedule

End of Life Service Support

  • Allow customers to use AMCOR for continued support after product has been discontinued

Product Distribution

  • Save time and expense by using the AMCOR Product Deployment system (from your facility or ours).
  • See Product Deployment