Services Overview:

Order Processing:

Customized Website Creation:
  • Tailored to customer specifications (Free of charge)
Electronic Interchange:
  • Utilizing EDI, XML, CSV, and more for seamless order processing and reporting.

Depot Repair:

In and Out of Warranty:
  • Swift turnaround for both warranty and non-warranty repairs.
Fast Turn:
  • Ensuring efficient and rapid service.
Advanced Exchange Option:
  • Providing an advanced exchange solution.
Failure Data Capture:
  • Thoroughly capturing and reporting failure data.
Lean 6 Sigma:
  • Continuous improvement suggestions.

Advanced Exchange:

End-to-End Management:
  • Handling configurations, shipments, returns tracking, repair/refurbishment, and inventory management.


Time and Cost Savings:
  • Enhance efficiency without disrupting production schedules using AMCOR services.

End of Life Service Support:

Continued Support:
  • Allowing customers to rely on AMCOR even after a product has been discontinued.

Product Distribution:

AMCOR Product Deployment System:
  • Save time and costs with our efficient product deployment system, whether from your facility or ours.

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