Custom B2B Interface

AMCOR develops custom apps to interface with customer systems to provide enhanced information processing.

Custom Contract Services

In addition to repair/refurbishment, distribution and inventory management, contact AMCOR for:

  • ECO Upgrades
  • Parts reclamation/refurbishment through equipment tear-down
  • End of life product repair and spare parts support
  • Warranty program management
  • Product identification & repackaging/labeling
  • Assembly

Custom Customer Websites

Designed, maintained and hosted by AMCOR:

  • Custom menu items
  • Custom headings
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom order processing

Custom Feedback

Damaged product is just one example of customized feedback systems. Product damaged in shipment due to insufficient packaging is coded potentially unrepairable, pictures taken and information emailed to customer.

Custom Inventory Management

  • Customer inventory is segregated
  • Transactions are updated real time
  • We receive, ship and process orders according to customer specifications
  • Customers have access to their inventory real-time via custom web site

Custom Labeling

Proprietary software was developed to duplicate customer labeling and integrate seamlessly into the order processing system to produce custom labeling for product identification.

Custom Packaging

AMCOR develops unique “multi use” packaging which is most often superior to the OEM “one way” packaging.

This ensures product arrives to the customer site and defective product back at AMCOR without damage under the most rigorous carrier conditions.

Custom Product Distribution

AMCOR utilizes a state of the art system to add and delete goods from customer inventory via unique tracking number.

Method of Shipment
Customer Specified Carrier / Method

Shipment Notification
Notification of shipment (with corresponding airbill(s) is reported via EDI, email or per custom website.

Custom Product Tracking

Per quality standards, product is tracked during the entire process from receipt to storage to shipping.

Specialized systems allow for customized processing of orders according to need.

Custom Repair and Refurbishment

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Service

Customer specific repair and refurbishment processes and procedures are developed and maintained according to specific customer need. Each technician performs repair and refurbishment from on line procedures at their workstation. This ensures that the same procedures and custom requests are performed consistently regardless of who does the work.

Custom Reporting

Excel, XML, EDI information customized to meet the specific needs of customers. AMCOR provides extensive failure data reporting systems.