Tailored B2B Interface:

AMCOR specializes in developing custom applications to seamlessly interface with customer systems, enhancing information processing for a more efficient B2B experience.

Custom Contract Services:

In addition to our core services, contact AMCOR for specialized offerings:

ECO Upgrades:
  • Environmentally conscious upgrades to extend product life.
Parts Reclamation/Refurbishment:
  • Expertise in reclaiming and refurbishing parts through meticulous equipment tear-down.
End of Life Product Services:
  • Repair, spare parts support, and comprehensive management for end-of-life products.
Warranty Program Management:
  • Efficient management and oversight of warranty programs.
Product Identification & Repackaging/Labeling:
  • Expertise in product identification, repackaging, and labeling.
Assembly Services:
  • Specialized light assembly services to meet unique requirements.

Custom Customer Websites:

AMCOR offers tailored website design, maintenance, and hosting, featuring:

Custom Menu Items:
  • Personalized navigation for an intuitive user experience.
Custom Headings:
  • Tailored headings to align with specific customer needs.
Custom Reporting:
  • Reporting functionalities customized to provide the desired insights.
Custom Order Processing:
  • Tailored order processing features to streamline customer workflows.

Custom Feedback Systems:

AMCOR goes beyond standard feedback systems, offering customized solutions such as:

Damage Reporting:
  • Specialized feedback for damaged products, including coding potentially unrepairable items, capturing images, and promptly informing customers.

Custom Inventory Management:

Our advanced inventory management services include:

Segregated Customer Inventory:
  • Customer inventory is systematically segregated for clarity.
Real-Time Transactions:
  • Instant updates on transactions for timely and accurate information.
Custom Web Access:
  • Customers can access their inventory in real-time through a custom website.

Custom Labeling:

AMCOR’s proprietary software ensures:

Seamless Integration:
  • Integration of customer labeling seamlessly into the order processing system.
Custom Label Production:
  • Production of custom labels for product identification, enhancing brand consistency.

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