Quality system

ISO Certification:

AMCOR has been ISO certified since 1997, adhering to ISO 9001:2015 standards across all disciplines.

Policies and Procedures:ISO Certification:
  • Online documentation of policies, procedures, and work instructions for comprehensive management of all company activities.
Online QIR/Suggestion System:
  • All employees can initiate Quality Improvement Requests (QIR) or suggestions through an online system accessible from any menu screen, ensuring quick and efficient addressing at weekly Management Review Board (MRB) meetings.
Management Review Board:
  • The MRB convenes weekly to discuss open QIRs, suggestions, action items, and in-warranty returns, ensuring closure and feedback to authors.
Quality Measurements:
  • Statistical analysis covers in-warranty claims, delivery performance, cost savings, process improvements, and both customer and vendor QIRs.
Quality Awareness:
  • Ongoing quality awareness courses for all employees, supplemented by quarterly company meetings addressing quality performance, improvement, overall company performance, marketing plans, and business objectives.

Spot Checks:

End-of-line spot checks are conducted to verify product performance against specifications.

Failure Analysis:

Comprehensive repair logs detail failure causes and actions taken during repair/refurbishment.

Error Code Analysis:

Products are coded for failure types, allowing data accumulation by error code for proactive parts replacement and OEM feedback.

Lean Sigma:

Actively maintaining a Lean Sigma program for continuous process improvement.

Warranty Tracking:

AMCOR applies warranty tracking labels to all repairable parts shipped, ensuring warranty-covered repairs or replacements if returned before the expiration date.

Web-Based Feedback System:

A user-friendly web-based system enables employees to provide feedback on any issues that need addressing.

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