The Region

The maquiladora region was set up in the 1960’s to encourage foreign investment and stimulate the Mexican domestic market.  NAFTA was established in 1994 and most recently USMCA in 2020.  The region is experiencing exponential growth.

The waived import duties and lower labor rates provide a compelling reason to perform production in Juarez and distribution in El Paso.  US customers only deal with the El Paso distribution center as all product is received and shipped in the US.  Product is trucked back and forth daily.

El Paso is one of the top distribution centers in the US therefore major carrier centers.

Juarez is known for its vast base of well-trained bench technicians as well as an infrastructure tailored to vast production facilities.

AMCOR Environment

For 15 years AMCOR has offered a unique environment which has resulted in loyal employees and very little turnover.

We have received multiple awards for management excellence among peer companies in Juarez.

Each and every employee takes pride in their work and are a dedicated member of the AMCOR ISO and continuous improvement programs.

End Result

Unsurpassed quality at an affordable price